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KrishaApps Blog Page
10 Feb

8 Reasons you should choose mobile app over mobile website

Why mobile app better than mobile website - KrishaApps

Mobile era is on the go! Everyone has a handset today without any doubt. How is this mobile is getting into the souls of enterprises and with what capacity?

It has been established that mobile users spend nearly 85% of their mobile time using apps. They use these apps to access not only information that is important to them but they are also finding it comfortable using these mobile apps to access their favorite brands. It has been found that the graph of such users has reached 68%.

So, if we say this’s the right time and a turning point for the enterprises to switch to the mobile application than merely relying on mobile websites, it would be a true and wise statement. It is the time for the businesses to build enterprise apps to improve customer engagement and interaction and also with their employees. It is also a matter of concern if a website would do the job or an app is really necessary.

Considering the growing ubiquitousness of mobile app and its usages, it is quite clear that having a mobile website is not enough to engage the customers. It is quite obvious that mobile apps are imperative for every organization that wants to stay ahead of the competition. Taking this into account, let’s have a closer look at the key benefits of mobile apps that can overtake mobile websites!

1. Better Engagement

Mobile apps have their own personalized interface environment, thus users get more engaged with the environment and get better user experience. Below are the key causes that apps provide the users to better engage with any app than the website.

Improved Interactive Experiences
Instead of viewing and reading the static blocks of content or images, apps provides the users with an opportunity to be more interactive with the company and the content.

Apps are Target based
Applications are built to perform a specific task by the users. This encourages users to work on apps as it is an easy-to-use version of a full website. The users do not have to unnecessary access many other pages of the website when they have to access only a specific page. In apps, users can reach the desired page easily as it is goal based and help save users’ time and efforts.

Nurturing Habit
Mobile apps are also instrumental in developing a habit of using apps and gaining access to the shortcut. The users coordinate specific tasks with particular apps and devices thus getting familiar with using different mobile apps. User-friendliness and easy accessibility of a mobile app is the major cause of its popularity that saves time and efforts.

All the above-listed causes are the major reasons that result in increased user engagement with the various mobile app. On the other hand, mobile websites are browsers based thus it is less easily accessible in the daily mobile behavior of the users.

2. Better SEO Ranking for in-app Content

In today’s scenario apps are more beneficial in earning SEO mileage. You can promote your app in a way so that it ranks high on search engines. Unlike the previous myth that apps are overlooked by Google, it is now gaining more and more traction.

If you customize your app you can make search engine crawlers to index your app content through deep links. It will not only rank your app high but it may often exceed the ranking of mobile websites occasionally in many cases.

Make sure that you help your app ranks well for SEO by optimizing following aspects of your app:

  • Title of your App
  • Category of your App
  • Multiple Keyword Fields
  • Descriptions of your App
  • Account Name of Developer

In addition, there are several factors that may influence the optimization of your app on search engines, which are considered as Dynamic Success Metrics that includes:

  • Ratings/ Reviews of apps
  • Number of Downloads
  • Quality of Ratings/Reviews
  • Uniqueness of Apps
  • Google Play Links
  • Google 1s links

3. Quick and Easy Online and Offline Access

This is the most admired factors of mobile apps that these are easily and instantly accessible by simply tapping on the given icon on your mobile device. It brings out the desired information and data instantly to the users without going through the unnecessary pages and long navigation of mobile websites. In addition, there are several mobile apps that are accessible offline also due to the updates being stored on the device till it gets connected to the internet.

Loading the content of the app and then reading it offline for those who want to use their commutation time to the office can be a great resource and time saver. Mobile websites, on the contrary, need to be accessed only when you are connected to the internet via a mobile browser, which may take a long time to load irritating the users. Apart from this, mobile sites cannot be opened or accessed offline thus taking a lot of time of the users who are running short of time and resources.

4. Apps are loaded with Native Features

Mobile apps are also packed with some native features of mobile, which makes it more attractive and useful that are not found on mobile websites. Compatibility with the hardware and features of the mobile device are the major features that make apps more useful and popular. In addition, there are several other features that mobile apps are equipped with that include:

  • Push notifications
  • Simple email Tap and tap-to-call
  • Camera and Image Uploader
  • Device Alerts
  • Automatic and Quick Updates

On the other hand, mobile websites are packed with limited features. A mobile website may have the above features but the major challenge would be to get it efficiently integrated with mobile devices.

5. More Secure and Compatible with the Existing Systems

Yes, this is true! Mobile apps are easily integrated with the existing third-party system security systems compared to mobile websites which confirm a better and consolidated degree of security. Confidentiality of data is of the essence for any organization, which can be more secure and safe with mobile apps that are easily modified as well.

Mobile Management Tools
Using Mobile Device Management Tools/Software, Apps are not only made safe and secure but it can also be remotely accessed and retracted. This gives users and enterprise shareholders better control of the apps on mobile along with the added functionality.

Such mobile management software is frequently audited meeting the stringent security standards, which is more secure than a mobile website.

6. Reduced Cost with Better Productivity

This is, of course, the most prominent of all the benefits for any organization. Improved productivity with reduced cost is what mobile apps are known for! These apps help staff members to easily communicate with their employees, for training purpose and give easy and quick access to the desired and necessary resources.

Due to such startling features and easy accessibility apps are instrumental in increasing the productivity of any organization between 20% and 50%, offering them extra time to deploy in more constructive and revenue generating activities. These apps are quite efficient in managing and manipulating complex data, delivering reports and graphs.

When we talk about mobile sites, they are quite slower to load and difficult to optimize, in terms of complex data, thus curbing productivity and slowing down the functioning of the organization.

7. Improved and Efficient Business Operation

Mobile apps are known for offering quick help and instant information to the users and the customers anywhere, anytime. This allows the customers to have instant access to the desired information on their mobile device.

It also sends instant alerts to the mobile to keep them updated and informed all the time. In this way, the customers can access and do everything they usually can do in a mobile website but even faster and more efficiently.

On the other hand, mobile websites cannot be accessed immediately. It requires being logged in to have access to a particular data of a specific customer, making the entire process slower and complex. Push notifications are not found in the mobile websites, rather it is more known for its email.

8. Apps Drive More Loyal Users

Although apps can be expensive to build, they’re most useful for a specific niche. Today’s consumers are more interested in accessing everything using their handheld device mobile. As per estimation, consumers spend nearly 85% of their time on their phones using native apps. Most of the users usually use five apps that may vary from person to person. It is mostly social media or gaming, and instant messaging.

This also displays their loyalty towards some specific brands that are having mobile apps. On the other hand, this is not the case with a mobile website because of so many complexities compared to mobile apps. Usage of mobile apps is also associated with the loyalty of the consumers that is always shooting new heights.

Thus, considering all the above benefits of mobile apps, it can be easily said that these advantages of mobile apps outweigh the benefits of mobile websites. Mobile apps are far easier, less complex and more beneficial than mobile websites. To be on the safe side, it’s time to switch to mobile apps to give a new look and functional carve to your business to earn more loyal consumers and improved outreach.

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