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KrishaApps Blog Page
05 Jan

Do you know How much a Mobile App can Cost?


Having an app has become a mandatory factor/tool for any business especially that functions online. If you are running an online business, chances are you would also be seeking help to create an app to reach a wider spectrum of the target audience. When it comes to the costing there are many options to select from based on your budget and requirement!

The development costing may vary amongst freelancers and agencies! Let’s understand some of the most popular options available on the market!

Hire Software Company for Building your App – Expensive but Great Option

This is the best way to get your dream mobile app ready but it is advisable to pursue this path only if you have a decent budget. As this is the surest but most expensive way of turning your ideas into a real application. The reason that you can get the best app is that such development companies deploy a team of designer, programmers and managers experienced and experts in their respective subject matter. But you have to shell out $140-$200/hour for developing any application by hiring professional app development agency. Although it is quite safe to hire them but not all can afford them.

On hiring such professional team of experts, you may get actually polished and result-driven apps that may top the chart of different mobile app stores. All the apps that rank high in different app stores are mostly developed by such professional mobile development companies. Although there are exceptions everywhere, there are many individual coders who have developed some of the highest rating apps but it is always advisable to bring on board a squad of designers and programmers from a renowned mobile app agency to get a great mobile app if money is not a concern for your project.

Hire a Freelancer for Developing App

This way also you would be able to have the desired and quality app as the development companies charge per hour that means you will pay the real price what the company is paying to their developers not any other addition margin money that the company charge. You may get actually a good developer for $30-50/ hour.

But the downside of this system is that you cannot get a guarantee from the freelance development team that it would deliver the product on the stipulated timeline and within the same budget. You may have to adjust your budget as per the development process.

In addition, you may face the risk of wrong communication with the designers and your programmers and you may not get the desired results.

But when it comes to having an app development agency on board to develop your app, they mostly consult and work alongside to understand and suggest you the best way out to formulate your idea into a final and real application. You do not have to do the conceptualization and requirement gathering at your end. You may have a walk-through of the entire process of development initiating from data collection to final delivery of the product. You can have a clear view of every stage with clear transparency in terms of activity and communication with the development team.

You might have had a bad experience with freelancers. There are many experiences and stories of missed deadlines, inferior quality deliverables, and unexpected costs which are enough to establish that freelancer are not reliable most of the time. But if you go for the better side of this scenario, you may have many options like freelance sites to understand and evaluate the performance and experience of any freelancer and considering these aspects you can hire the best one for your project. From reviews and ratings that the customers of the freelancer have given to them, you can ensure that you hire someone with great track record.

Ways to Find the Best Freelancer

You can refer websites like toptal and upwork to get the relevant details about freelancers and get awesome sources to hire the right freelancers. Before narrowing down the best freelance, just do not forget to review their reviews and past performance instead of hiring the one that cost you the least.

Have Access to an Online Application Making Software

Yes, you can also rely on an application maker, app builder or app developer which is a software or an online tool. Using this tool you can customize your app and build it using an editor inside it. You may not require any technical knowledge of coding. Isn’t it awesome? Have fun and you can actually create an app if you are confident of your concept of the mobile app without having any knowledge of coding but you should have some expertise of playing with the tools.

You may or may not get exactly what you want

In application creator genre there are several options available if you want to actually build a mobile app of your choice. Some app developers may be ideal for a specific type of app or a specific type of navigation, and you can customize the app within those limitations. Other app creators may offer you a range of options and features and different ways to configure it.

The costs for these tools and services are also different which may span from $10 a month to a one-time investment of $5000. It’s actually tough to analyze the effectiveness and features of different tools due to the big price ranges.

Buy a Starter Kit or Bring on board a Freelancer to Tweak it

Similar app ideas may come cheap

In case you are planning for build a mobile app in line with the already available or popular apps found in different app stores, this option could ideally be a good choice. As there is every possibility that many have already made an app with the same concept and is selling its source code for few dollars per license. It will simplify your work of start developing codes from scratch. In a very minimal customization or effort taking the help of the freelancer developers, you would be able to release it to the app store in less time.

Customize the Template

To customize your assets, you need to have a new set of graphic tools. You may yourself do it or on hiring a freelance developer you can create them. In addition, you may also hire an expert freelance programmer if you wish to implement some additional features or you want to tweak the ways a specific action is performed in the app and change it as per your wish.

A much Cheaper Way than Hiring for the Complete App Development
As you are using already written code, this choice will be much cheaper in comparison to deploying a software company or freelancers to develop your complete application from scratch.

You may not like the template you have been dreaming of. The more customization you would require, costlier it will become for you.

Another drawback that you may get in such types of settings is that the app design could have many bugs. Under these circumstances, your hired freelance developer would ideally have to work harder putting up more time and expenses to identify the bugs and the ways to debug it. It may take some time for the developer to identify all such codes which are actually not written by them. It will keep on adding more time, resources and costs to your apps so long the developers are not able to get accustomed to the bugs and its debugging ways.

Apart from this, there could be several versions available in the online application stores. Because it is a design, it might have been bought by several people and have already been submitted to the online application store.

You can have an idea of the source code by visiting chupamobile or you may also conduct a search in Google for similar websites.

Lay hand on Starter Kit to Learn code to do it yourself

It may cut your cost but you need to work harder to learn to code and spend sufficient time and effort. It is not easy to learn to code on your own. For doing this, you have to spare time to understand and learn and to practice it regularly.

This is possible when you already have a budget with not much changes are required or your changes are not much complex, like making few customizations to existing features.

For this, you can buy a tutorial course for $100 which will be much cheaper instead of engaging a freelance coder to make a customization that will cost of $40/hour. You simply have to spend time and dedication to learning code.

Make your Application after Learning Mobile App Development

Most Practical and Cheapest Way to Develop Application

Learning mobile application development yourself is the most practical and affordable way if you want to create an app within a shoestring budget. There are various websites where you can learn without spending any money online. Moreover, Apple supplies documentation also to learn to code. In addition, to save time and still learn effectively, spend $100 and have access to your code course and spare the time to learn the code.

Most Viable Way to Develop App

After learning code, you can build your own app that you want to create and if you face any problem during the process, Google is always at your service to help you out. Nowadays, there are several online tutorials that can help you finding the most useful courses given your level of knowledge and the features you wish to learn and integrate. You must learn to understand the code and the process and nuances of app development prior to learning code from these tutorials.

It’s a matter of choice

To start with, learning code requires great effort and dedication, but once you have passed that initial stage of the hump and your dedication starts rolling, the sky will become your limit. It will become easy and interesting for you how to build an app and how the codes are read.

Associate with an experienced Developer

This option is also a great way to get associated with a developer or designer and to get your work done but it is only possible if you are friendly with that programmer. But there is a slim chance of getting such programmer as most developers are not ready to this option due to the huge risk involved in working with a stranger and the chances of success are actually meagre.

If you know a designer or programmer and can persuade him to be a part of your idea and you can also pay him decently things can roll in your case.

Finally, all the above tips are the options that you can have to build an application but when it comes to the costing part of the application development, it is not easy to figure out a price range as it all depends on your specific situation. You have several options before you to select the best way out based on your budget and the time you can spare.

This is very clear that the most expensive way is obviously to engage an app development agency to develop your application and the cheapest option to create an application is to learn to code and create your app on your own.

Still, if you want to have a range of cost in figures it may range from $10,000 to $50,000 for developing a tiny to average performing the application. Considering the above tips and options, you can select the most suitable way to develop your application given your budget and need.

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