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KrishaApps Blog Page
11 Jan

Want to Hire Mobile App Developer? Follow these Guidelines

How to hire mobile app developer in India

Having apps is one of the most popular ways and just imperative for making any business rock online! In fact, every year thousands of mobile apps are developed and promoted but how many of these could manage to make into top ranks of the popularity graph? Not much. Most of it fails to even grab the attention of the users. Do you know why?

There could ideally be a lot of factors that may become the cause of the failure or success of any mobile app. Having hired a wrong person or company could ideally be a cause of failure of your app for sure. Whether you want to work with a freelancer, company, developer or a full-service agency is widely driven by the factors like your choice, budget, and your own competence. You must consider some guidelines when hiring any of the resources when you plan to develop a new mobile app. Have a look at the below-mentioned factors when opting to hire mobile app developer for developing an app as your next venture.

Consider Strong and Success App Portfolio

The portfolio of the developer or any agency is the reflection of its successful career and journey. You must consider the resource with right portfolio matching with the expertise level your app requires. Search out the right mobile developer whose apps are impressive. You must download those apps, use it and ask the developer how they were developed. In a nutshell, you must visit their portfolio page and understand those apps to know the level of knowledge and experience too. In the same way, you can also track the app store history of all the developers for any awards or accolades.

Make sure the developer/agency you hire must have direct experience of developing mobile apps. There are many big companies/agencies offering a great range of related services other than offering dedicated app development. They might have many crossover skills but developing an app requires specialized skillset to deal with the challenges and also requires dedicated approach. You must find out if the hired resource is an expert in the platforms you plan to build your app and the related supporting tools. The basic skills would require Objective –C, Xcode or Swift expertise for iOS app and Java and Eclipse knowledge for Android platform. Ensure they should have mobile-based experience also to have ample experience and understanding of visual design and user experience.

Assess Mobile App Expertise

Any app is not only about codes and design. When it comes to finding the right developer or resource to create the desired and successful app, it envisages someone who is a specialist in every segment and aspects of mobile development including its life cycle. It may include expertise in conceptualizing, designing, coding, developing, managing and marketing of the apps and often much more.

The right person could ideally be a resource that not only builds an app as per your choice but can also help you establish a business based on the app and of course can become more valuable and reliable than those who are just a coder. They should have all the technical as well as non-technical skills like business strategy, getting funds from investors, content creation, marketing strategy, etc.

All these processes and its approach define the result of any app. If you could get a great talented developer with a proven track record and strong portfolio, he /she might not have a great marketing skill or have a fixed process. You need to understand the process and your role in the entire journey. Make sure that this process is able to cater to each area of expertise and projects before you the wider picture to understand how a concept can turn into an app.

Compatibility Level with your in-house Mobile App Developer

Compatibility between the hired resource and your other team members also play a great role in defining the success of any app. Rethink if you and your team would be compatible with the hired resource. You must spend ample time to ensuring that every developer that you hire for your team is just skilled and can prove to be an asset to its collective expertise. They should equally be dedicated, hard-working, and easy going team members that can gel well with your business values and objectives.

You must analyze the expertise and level of confidence of the developers while speaking with them. If they are able to explain things properly in right way with right enthusiasm, chances are they are expert professionals. Ensure that they listen to you first, and at the same time, they should deliver straightforward and detailed feedback.

Instant and right communication is also equally necessary. The dedicated developer must communicate you with a weekly status of your project. Daily tough points are necessary to be discussed with you.

Budget and Conditions Matters

Now comes the costing of the app which is widely decided on the basis of the complexity and set of features that you wish to integrate and also the resources available to you. You must also have a clear cut significant detail on the projected budget to create an app and what factors and influence the costing of the app also.

Just make sure that you get the app in affordable budget but not at the cost of dealing with uncommunicative and inexperienced developers or resources. You must expect an average budget team to create your app. You might find low-cost options, particularly when you search for outsourcing development, but do not forget to ensure you get what you pay for.

In addition, do not forget to cross check that the agreement you sign must contain IP ownership, the payment model, and how the confidential data is guarded. It should not be more than 3-4 pages long and must display a healthy mix of offering protection for both parties and does not require any lawyer to interpret it.

The relationship that you build with the resource you hire may last for 4-6 months. So better opt for hiring the right developers before coming to a conclusion. Do not forget to look for developers who are experienced, talented, and easy to access and also within your budget. Do also rely on your gut feeling and use your personal experience also to strike the best deal when hire mobile app developer.

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