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Mobile App Testing


Mobile Application Testing services in India

KrishaApps has established major business policies in accordance to their mobile software applications. We help our clients minimize the defects of their apps to a great extent so that the software products and apps transferred derive the benefits. We offer the following testing processes: Functional and Non Functional Testing – This comprises of all the code walkthrough, integration testing, regression testing and unit testing that are rolled out for validating the software. This also includes the usability testing, compatibility testing as well as the user acceptance testing. Reviewing the Credentials – Architectural Reviews, Documentation design reviews and Business Requirement Documents (BRD) reviews come along. Evaluating the Performance – Stress testing, Spike testing, end to end transaction testing are some of the major performance based testing we do. Gap Analysis – This also plays along the edge of our app testing features besides the Capacity validation and Establishment of the Automation framework. Script maintenance and Testing Regression are some of the core automation tests carried out by KrishaApps.

Why KrishaApps’s Mobile App Testing Services?

With enhanced and dedicated wireless testing labs and skilled test engineers, KrishaApps delivers zero defect in the app launch. All the experience that we have been counting, since years, have made us a notified mobile testing company. The seamless communication and tremendous management of the projects are the benefits seen in our products. We put in our core team to gain the required edge of productivity in all the projects that are capable to handle automation. We inculcate an increased level of confidence in the Mobile app testing delivery. We don’t tend to suck up your market time and leverage your time zone, but do minimize the rework by proper testing. We offer in-house solutions for app testing and even help you utilize our services for all the operating systems. We ensure that the app testing offered is of the highest degree of quality.

What we offer

Our Mobile App Testing Process

  • 1
    Identify Types of Testing
  • 2
    Perform Manual and Automated Testing
  • 3
    Provide 24 hours of QA Support
  • 4
    Beta Testing
  • 5
    Performance Testing
  • 6
    Device Testing
  • 7
    Maintenance of Test Case Sheet
  • 8
    Generation of Test Summary Report

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What our clients say

These days when it comes to creating software solutions for my nursing home, I approach the people at KrishaApps. They are dedicated individuals driven by the need to help their clients every way they can. They love what they do and this is what I find most satisfying. These people take time to listen to what I need. Being a surgeon I am extremely busy. Whatever little time I can spare with my ideas is enough for them to build the programs I want. They seem like godsend for someone like me with little or no technical knowledge regarding software development.

_0002_cutis Dr. Chintan Patel

Being a cynical person I first did not believe the ratings for the company. The high praise seemed unbelievable, part of marketing gimmick. Only after I had first-hand experience of their capabilities I became convinced that their praise was well-deserved. Their professional attitude coupled with dedication towards the projects is commendable. I already had a small idea but they helped to make it solid. Thanks to their professional team I started to have real faith in my belief. After talking to them, I knew that my application idea will lead to something concrete….. And I was not wrong. Thanks KrishaApps.

_0001_David David

With my start-up business I was finding myself at sea on how to proceed. Then I met the wizards at KrishaApps. What I loved about them from the first was that they are always ready to listen. As I communicated the problems I was facing as a new business, they suggested customized app development. They gave me a wealth of information regarding start-up businesses in general. This allowed me to understand my position better. Since then, the team here has developed effective programs. Today my business is reaching more customers than I ever thought possible, all thanks to them.

client-img Mr. Brad

KrishaApps is more than the service providers that you approach for developing your apps. It is hard to imagine that this company is a newbie in the marketplace. They have a highly talented team of developers and designers with an uncanny insight into your business needs. This does not make them insensitive or incommunicative, just the opposite. They seemed extra sensitive to my needs and improved on my idea to make it perfect. Professionalism, kindness, and respect are the three things you notice when interacting with them. While my project has not completed yet, I love every moment of collaborating with them.

_0000_Luis Mr. Luis


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