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KrishaApps Blog Page
24 Feb

How Mobile Apps Can Grow Your Business?

Until the past two years, mobile apps were considered as a luxury accessible to elite class businesses and corporations. Today, this perception has changed and now even start-ups and small businesses have started building mobile apps for the instant and effective branding of their businesses.

As we all know humans are programmed to be social. Everyone wants to be connected with the entire world by following different resources. Nobody wants to be alienated from what is happening on the other side of the world. This nature has, in fact, made the mobile app more important, especially for businesses. Similar to casual chatting and formal video calling, organizations can also promote and boost their sales using mobile apps.

Keeping in view your business need, domain nature, describing your objectives and prioritizing them all you can build a highly effective and functional mobile app for offering your customers service and support, improving customer engagement, and for promoting your services and products.

The Benefits of Having an App

Following are the most prominent and widely witnessed benefits that a mobile application is expected to bring for your business:

Increases Visibility to Clients at All Times

On an average, every person spends almost two hours surfing mobile phone regularly. There are almost more than a billion smartphones. It is a fact people are spending more time on the phone than on watching TV or any other source of information or entertainment. This is great news for businesses; better formulate your marketing plans matching people’s availability.

This will help your business get great exposure by reaching numerous eyeballs by having a mobile presence. You would be able to make visible your image, company name and logo before millions of people whenever they unlock, scroll and when they are on the go!

People like to use their handset when waiting at the bus stop, commuting from and to or even when watching TV in the evening. This is the right time to send a notification to your prospective clients and let them know what you do and how.

If you are into the business of internet-based products or services, through the mobile app you would be able to make sales. Help your clients to access you and your services through their mobile while doing the same things that they usually do when sitting in their offices. You can offer useful solutions to your clients remotely. More valuable and better options you provide to your customers to reach you, better your business will become.

Offers Value to your Customers

Yes, we are talking about the loyalty program! Why don’t give it a new edge by making it digitized building a mobile app? It’s better to move from the conventional reward program to the smartphone and other mobile devices. As people are more inclined towards mobile phones than ever before, apps are the right sources of loyalty program to engage them.

With a host of businesses offering the same product and services, it is difficult for the customers to make a decision. Here a right and a well-planned mobile app can nudge clients to your business. You can use an area-sensitive push messaging system on your mobile app for the same.

This will help your clients to receive a notification inviting them to your store whenever they walk close to your store’s physical location. I am sure; people would surely get curious enough to visit your store to have a look what is there for them in store. But this approach is successful only for brick and mortar store. You may send a thank-you message also once they made a purchase.

Helps you Market Directly

Using mobile apps will also help you garner more and more information and data about your customers. In addition, you can also provide and exchange a lot of unknown information in terms of demographics and geographical locations and be more successful in giving more information about your products and services to your clients. It may include latest news capsules, updates, product specifications, added features, value, prices, promotions and special discounts. You may also get a better idea about the choices and preferences of some specific customer and can meet their personalized needs. So, direct marketing is more effective and brings about great deal of advantage.

Increases Customer Engagement

Everyone is looking out for the ways to connect with and reach the brands/businesses that are offering product or service that they are interested in. Being present and easy accessibility can help you connect with your clients in a better way whereas your inaccessibility may ruin the chance of winning the clients. This is where a mobile app comes into picture helping you reach your clients at any place any time. You may also have a customer service page in your mobile app where customers can leave their comments, ask questions, place orders, and also complaints.

Replying them personally can trigger your customer engagement to the next level. Keep the booking or ordering process simple and secure. The long and complex procedure is not liked by most of the people and they may not order or comment. They might find it easier not to comment or place an order and push the ‘Back’ button.

Makes you Stay Offbeat

Having a mobile app will make you distinct and stand out of the crowd in many ways. You must benefit from this tool to stay apart and effectively market your business using this tool. Not most of your competitors are having a mobile app to grab this opportunity of capturing the customers that are out there in this mobile world. Irrespective of the products or services you sell, you can definitely have a dominating role in the market.

Establishes your Brand Identity

The mobile platform is one of the most effective and smartest ways to build the brand identity of your business. You just have to create some valuable features for your app and let your audiences mesmerize with them. This’ll surely shatter the records of putting up an expensive billboard or all other means of marketing. Today people may avoid billboards and hoarding but cannot forget to use mobiles.

Create an app that encourages your clients to involve with your app almost daily. Your business’s visibility and identity grow with more interaction with your mobile app. This is what effective ‘frequency advertising’ is. In this advertisement pattern, if the audience views your brand more than 20 times, the chance of its getting noticed grows manifolds.

Moreover, almost every mobile app comes with a sharing option. Without knowing you, your audiences would share your brand with their friends telling them about your services or products he or she bought. It has been established that referrals and word of mouth sales are most valuable marketing strategies for every business.

Increases your Loyal Customers

Repeat sale or the number of customers that come back to you for more services or products plays a great role in the actual growth of your business. This is very important for any business. This is what customer loyalty is all about. This is acquired when your brand is constantly within their reach and in the minds of your customer.

You can do this through your mobile app. Through any other means of marketing, chances are your message gets lost or forgotten amidst the noise of so many other brands. So, it’s time to make up your mind and give a second thought to your marketing and ad strategy. A mobile app can actually trigger your marketing strategy connecting you with your clients every time and all time.

Turns Your App to a Social Platform

Don’t forget to add multiple social handles into your mobile app. It has been experienced that majority of the people visit social media platforms just to stay connected with the friends and want to know what they are saying and doing. Getting inspiration from this fact, you can build a marketing strategy so that audiences can view your business while catching up with their friends.

Your application may also have in-app messaging, the option of likes, share, and comments. You can also add this feature to allow logging into your app through social media platforms. This strategy has often proven to be quite effective in building customer acquisition, repeated sales, customer retention and revenue generation.

Complements Your Online Presence with Mobile App

Often people tend to get confused if an app is actually required when they already have a functional website! The fact is that mobile app plays a role of complementary tool and adds to the functionalities and marketing strategy of your business. In fact, your website grabs new clients, whereas a mobile app develops customers’ loyalty.

A client has to open the browser to access your website, whereas all the mobile apps require a single touch on the smart device. Your website offers a great deal of comprehensive information about your business, products, and services and to post contents, videos, and images. But it cannot communicate so effectively and instantly as a mobile app can do.

Mobile Attracts More Audiences

The imperativeness of mobile app is visible by this fact that irrespective of the type of service and product you sell, the mobile app is a must. Today millions of people spend many hours, like more than three hours on their phone. The most interesting part is, all these three hours are mostly spent using one or the other mobile apps.

As per studies, it has been noticed that 3 in 10 customers switches to mobile apps to make purchases these days. These data shows why the mobile app is the future of your business.

Having a responsive website is not all rather it is considered to be the “buy and bye” phenomenon, where mobile app acts as a complementary tool and retain the customer by staying visible on mobiles.

Even after having a functional website is not sufficient for customer acquisition and customer retention. Your website is just the selling point but to retain and increase customer loyalty mobile app is a must. You can use the app to generate profitable gains. Audience’s review, comments, share, and interactions can create a buzz and brand engagement. It will expand your reach out to social platforms and offer personalized shopping experience.

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