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KrishaApps Blog Page
14 Mar

Top 9 Mobile App Trends in 2017 to Adopt for Success

Top 9 Mobile App Trends 2017 - KrishaApps

In today’s digitally evolving era, mobile apps are no more a matter of entertainment or mere games. It has now become the everyday need for all those people who regularly use mobile for their day to day activities. People have started using mobile like never before with multiple options of mobile apps and other features that make their lives simpler and smarter.

With people getting more and more used to mobile apps and other tools, it has also given a great deal of growth opportunities in mobile app market in recent years. This is widely visible on the major mobile app stores like Apple store and Google Play Store as these stores are crowded with thousands of mobile apps each year. It is estimated that this growth graph of mobile apps will only increase in the near future.

If we talk about the past year, 2016 – this year has also brought several mobile apps in the market, which are mostly retail or customer focused like grocery apps, cloud-based apps, ride-sharing apps etc. In addition, we also witnessed a huge surge in the mobile apps for smartphones, wearables, smart cars, IoT-enabled devices, and much more. When we think of the present year 2017, we realize that there is an incredible advancement in the app industry. It is full of new surprises in terms of personalized mobile app development segment. Let’s have an insight into the major development trends that is expected to be seen in this year:

1. Swift is the widely used Language for App Developers

For developing iOS apps, developers would rely on the Swift programming language, which is going to become the next generation programming language. This language is much simpler and a lot easier compare to Objective – C. This language is getting more and more popularity and is expected to become the next big thing in programming industry being relied upon by the majority of the app developers.

2. Beacons and Location-Based Services will be Prominent

Yes, location-based services will be the major player in this year and will become the most advanced mobile app trends. Past year, we saw the emergence of location-based apps like Google Beacons and Apple’s iBeacons. Now, in this year, the growing use of Wi-Fi will expand its approach beyond traditional places and allow people to avail the location-based data, thus giving a great boost to the personalized app branding.

3. Growth in M-commerce Will Be at All Time High

Last year we witnessed a huge increase in the M-commerce industry. This year this phenomenon will encourage people to switch to cashless payment system from credit and debit cards for their shopping and other needs. This paradigm shift will give a boost the m-commerce apps thus adding value to the service of wearables.

4. IoT Will be the Next Big Thing

Due to the exponential growth and adoption of cloud-based apps, it will find place for the Internet of Things also. This is probably the major big thing that is going to happen in the coming years in this technology world. It has been predicted that IoT will become a major player to stimulate and set a foothold into an altogether new world of app-driven society.

5. Apps Will Become More Secure

In 2016, it was predicted by Gartner that majority of apps may not even pass the basic-level security check and it was true also for many apps. This has damaged the credibility of many apps as the hackers found space entering through the security gaps and stealing the confidential data. But in 2017, the organization and app developers would be more alert and careful to implement security measures and tools to diminish the data breach events.

6. Artificial Intelligence

It is also getting a lot of traction and will become a primary attention seeker in the world of future technology. As per a report published by Gartner, the organizations would heavily invest in this technology in the year 2017 for better results. We have seen several AI applications were built in the last year that gained a lot of attention like Google Now, Prisma etc. In this year, promoting this concept the AI mobile application development will hit the market with many new designs that will be rolled out in the market.

7. Virtual and Augmented Reality will become the Trend

The glimpse of VR and AR has already been witnessed last year, and in 2017, we can expect its advanced exposure. The advancement of augmented technology has already expanded its reach into the entertainment and gaming sectors like Pokémon Go and much more. As per the reports, even after less popularity, the VR will survive and AR will earn wide success in this year.

8. Cloud-based Mobile Apps

Cloud based apps are on the rise and are gaining entry in every part of our lives. It is now getting into the mobile application, making the users easy to store and access data anytime anywhere securely. Some of the major cloud based apps include Whatsapp, Dropbox Google Drive, One drive etc. In this year such cloud-based application will gain a new growth level.

9. Micro Apps and Enterprise Apps

With the growing number of startups, the apps industry is gaining a lot of mobility and growth in the developing enterprise apps. Using these apps users can streamline, manage and operate a business smoothly. These apps like a Facebook messenger or to do list apps can simplify the lives of many and is expected to grow quickly in 2017.

Considering the above trends it is obvious that technology is growing at a very fast pace and thus changing the mobile app trends of m-commerce also in the year 2017. The last year had been pregnant with ample potential. This has allowed the application developers to enhance their skills to reap the benefit of emerging mobile app technologies and become the part of this changing mobile app trends. If you follow above listed mobile app trends, surely you will be able to run and manage your business better with improved return on investment.

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